Ariel WeissI’m a third year PhD student in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sheffield, working under the supervision of Dr. Tobias Berger. I was previously an undergraduate and masters student at Queens’ College, Cambridge.

My research is in algebraic number theory, and in particular, the connection between Galois representations and automorphic representations. I’m especially interested in the Galois representations attached to non-cohomological automorphic representations. My previous project was to prove an irreducibility and big image result for weight (k,2) Siegel modular forms. Currently, I’m working with Galois representations associated to automorphic representations of general unitary groups.

Here is my CV.

I’m a co-organiser of Young Researchers in Algebraic Number Theory which will be taking place in Sheffield from 8th-9th November 2018. Please get in touch for more information!

Papers and preprints

On the image of Galois representations associated to low weight Siegel modular forms, submitted

This paper proves that the Galois representations associated to Siegel modular forms of weight (k,2) are irreducible, crystalline and have large image for 100% of primes. It also shows unconditionally that the associated Galois representations are valued in GSp(4).

Expository papers

Serre’s Conjecture, My Part III essay, supervised by Dr. Jack Thorne