Seminar Talks

  • Bar Ilan University, Algebra seminar, January 2019
  • Hebrew University, Number theory and algebraic geometry seminar, December 2018
  • University of Warwick, Number theory seminar, October 2018
  • Johns Hopkins University, Number theory seminar, September 2018
  • CUNY Graduate Center, Collaborative number theory seminar, September 2018
  • University of Sheffield, Number theory seminar, December 2017

Conference Talks

  • Images of Galois representations attached to low weight Siegel modular forms (slides)
    Explicit and Computational Approaches to Galois representations, Luxembourg, July 2018
  • Irreducibility of Galois representations associated to low weight Siegel modular forms (slides)
    32nd Automorphic Forms Workshop, Tufts, MA, March 2018

Reading Groups and Seminars

I’ve co-organised the following reading groups and seminars for PhD students in Sheffield

  • ShEAF, Sheffield pure mathematics postgraduate seminar, 2017-
  • Algebraic geometry for non algebraic geometers, 2017-8
  • BSD/Bloch-Kato reading group, Summer 2017
  • Galois representations reading group, Summer 2016

Other talks

  • Classical Hida theory
    Number theory study group, Sheffield, June 2018
  • The Hasse invariant and p-adic modular forms
    Number theory study group, Sheffield, May 2018
  • What is the Langlands programme?
    ShEAF postgraduate seminar, Sheffield, February 2018
  • Regular schemes
    Algebraic geometry for non-algebraic geometers, Sheffield, February 2018
  • Fibred product and base change
    Algebraic geometry for non algebraic geometers, Sheffield, November 2017
  • The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture
    BSD/Bloch-Kato reading group, Sheffield, July 2017
  • Elliptic curves over finite fields
    BSD/Bloch-Kato reading group, Sheffield, June 2017
  • Automorphic representations
    Number theory learning seminar, Sheffield, May 2017
  • How not to prove Fermat’s last theorem (slides)
    Student seminar, Sheffield, December 2016
  • The Eichler-Shimura isomorphism part I
    Number theory learning seminar, Sheffield, December 2016
  • The local Langlands correspondence
    Galois representations reading group, Sheffield, July 2016
  • An introduction to Galois representations
    Galois representations reading group, Sheffield, May 2016
  • Ramanujan’s constant, elliptic curves and complex multiplication
    Pure maths postgraduate seminar, Sheffield, May 2016